Concentrator, Evaporator
Forced circulation evaporator
Product Description:
Scope of application
Forced circulation type single-effect, double-effect. Three-effect and multi-effect evaporator, suitable for high concentration, high viscosity, insoluble solids and other food, pharmaceutical, chemical, biological engineering, environmental protection engineering, waste liquid recycling and other industries for low temperature concentration .
System composition
Each effect evaporator, each effect separator, condenser. Circulating pump. Vacuum and drainage system, sub-cylinder, operating platform. The electrical control unit is composed of a control cabinet, a valve and a pipeline.
main feature
1. The whole system design is reasonable and beautiful, stable in operation, high in energy saving and low in steam consumption.
2. The concentration ratio is large, forced circulation type, so that the liquid with higher viscosity is easy to flow and evaporate, and the concentration time is short.
3. Special design can realize switching and changing effect through simple operation to adapt to the production of different products.
4, the evaporation temperature is low, the heat is fully utilized, the liquid is heated and mild, and is suitable for the concentration of heat sensitive materials.
5. The evaporator passes the forced circulation, and the heat is evenly distributed in the tube, and the heat transfer coefficient is high, which can prevent the dry wall phenomenon.
6 The feed liquid enters the separator and separates, which enhances the separation effect and makes the overall equipment have greater operational flexibility.
7. The whole set of equipment has compact structure, small floor space and simple and smooth layout, which represents the development direction of large-scale complete set of evaporation equipment.
8. Continuous feeding and discharging, the liquid level and the required concentration can be self-controlled.

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