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SNIII three-effect energy-saving concentrator
Product Description:
The concentrator is suitable for the concentration of liquid materials such as traditional Chinese medicine, western medicine, glucose, starch, monosodium glutamate, food, chemical, etc., and is especially suitable for low temperature vacuum concentration of heat sensitive substances.
1. The concentrator is designed, manufactured and inspected in strict accordance with the "External Heating Chinese Medicine Three-Effect Evaporator" (GB155773-1995), and meets the requirements of the relevant equipment provisions in the Pharmaceutical Production Quality Management (GMP) of the Ministry of Health. The parts are made of SUS304 or SUS316L stainless steel.
2. Each heating chamber tube, condenser tube, and intermediate connecting pipe are all ISO-standard internally and externally polished.
The mirror surface tube is processed to ensure smooth flow of materials, no blockage, no coking and clogging phenomenon in the heating chamber, reducing scale and cleaning times, and improving production efficiency.
3. The heating chamber and the evaporation chamber surface fillet transition, no dead angle, the weld is polished, the surface is polished to Ra≤0.4 μ m, especially the evaporation chamber material inlet opening position and orientation are strictly calculated to ensure the evaporation cycle material is centrifuged. After being rotated into the evaporation chamber, it spirally descends along the surface of the evaporation chamber without gravity sedimentation, thereby ensuring an increase in evaporation capacity.
4. The concentrator adopts the external heating natural circulation and the negative pressure evaporation method, and has the advantages of high evaporation speed, large concentration ratio, and closed sealing.
5. The concentrator uses three effects to simultaneously evaporate, and the secondary steam is used repeatedly, which not only saves the investment of the boiler, but also saves energy consumption. The energy consumption is reduced by 70% compared with other concentrators, and less than one year can be saved from energy saving. Recover the entire investment in this concentrator (compared to single effect).
6. Multi-function operation features: (1) The alcohol concentration can be recovered 80. Left and right, (2) Three effects can concentrate three different materials, (3) one effect, two effects, three effects, one effect can be repeated and the paste is collected, (4) the material can be concentrated intermittently or continuously, (5) It can be used as a paste at one time, and it can be pasteed once by the first effect and after the second effect and the third effect.
7. The concentrator material is concentrated in the state of no foam in the seal, which is not easy to run, reducing pollution. The material is concentrated on the same day, it is not easy to coke, easy to clean, open the heater upper and lower cover to clean, and save labor, one person It can be operated.
Product parameters
Model SNIII500 SNIII1000 SNIII1500 SNIII2000 SNIII3000 SNIII5000
Maximum evaporation (kg/h) 500 1000 1500 2000 3000 5000
Vapor pressure (MPa) 0.3-0.09
Steam consumption (kg/h) ≤200 ≤400 ≤600 ≤800 ≤1200 ≤2000
Cooling water consumption (T/h) 5 10 13 15 18 25
Dimensions (mm) long 5000 6500 7000 7500 7800 8000
wide 1300 1500 1700 2000 2000 2000
High 3000 3300 3500 4000 4000 4000
  vacuum degree (MPa) Evaporation temperature (°C)
One effect -0.04 85
Two effects -0.06 75
Three effects -0.08 65

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